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The Weekly Jump Drabble Challenge

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A Weekly Drabble Challenge for Shounen Jump

Yet another drabble community! This community is open to any and all drabbles for manga that have been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Jump. Our definition of "drabble" is flexible (anything under 500 words) although ten squared will remain the elusive ideal. Taking deathnote100 as our model, there will be a weekly one word challenge to spur you all to write.


The subject of your post should be labeled: [series] Title

In the body of your entry, please include:
  • Title
  • Author
  • Series
  • Word Count (there is a word counter here)
  • Rating
  • Challenge (if applicable)
Please also include a warning if there are any significant spoilers alluded to in your fic, and place the body of your entry behind an lj-cut.


Play nice and write often!